Sunday, July 8, 2012

Theology At the Drive-In: Prometheus and Brave

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In this episode we discuss the theological themes in the movies Prometheus and Brave.

Themes in Prometheus:

1. Intelligent design

2. Faith and spirituality

3. Innate human value

4. Self sacrifice

Themes in Brave:

1. Pride and separation

2. Destiny

3. Self sacrifice

4. Reconciliation

1 comment:

Thomas said...

You're saying self sacrafice doesn't make sense without a Christian worldview...
not only does that exclude other religions - people fly planes into buildings and bomb public places under the guise of self sacrifice - but you haven't looked into real people who make sacrifices and what they actually think about it. Christian views are definitely not a requirement.
And stop applying Darwinism to everything!
Instinct is a thing,
value of others and want for social things is a thing!
Many many many many many animals sacrafice themselves to have their children and to raise them.
Do you realise that family is one of the strongest things in evolution, that young will save their parents, parents will use themselves as food for their young, they will starve themselves, they will spend a ridiculous amount of time on them, they will swim up waterfalls, they will do almost anything to: maintain a herd/tribe/family to use numbers to their advantage, find the best place for their young, to give them the best start... seriously, not only are you applying Darwinism where it shouldn't really be applied (ie. human thought process), but you are applying it where if it was a thoughtless act there are hundreds of thousands of examples in nature where it exists.

I don't get it at all.